By ordering our products, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. It's recommended to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions before placing an order.

Quotes, Costs & Payment

Before placing an order, we will send you an itemised quote with all your requirements. Quotes are valid for 8 months, after which we reserve the right to update our quoted costs in line with current costs and any changes to materials'/supplier costs that might have increased in that time.

Please check and double check your quote before agreeing to the proposed costs. Once agreed, we will send you an invoice with BACS payment details in the footer (UK customers) and Paypal links (for international orders). Credit card payments can be taken on request. 

Payment is usually paid in full for each stage, but we are happy to split orders totalling £500 and more to a 50% upfront payment and the remaining 50% payment before going to print. Please request this after agreeing to the estimate if you would prefer this option.

Any delay to payment will pause the job until payment has been cleared. If you would like to delay your order due to unforeseen circumstances, please let us know. We can usually accommodate a certain amount of flexibility but this may be more limited in busy times which could delay your order further.

If a customer chooses to cancel a job, refunds can not be given for any work currently in progress. Deposits paid for any future work will be refunded in full if at least 3 months notice has been given.

Shipping costs will be included on the invoice but you can find more about what to  expect here.

For international orders, we are not responsible for any customs or tax duties that may be charged on arrival by the receiver's country.

Refunds will not be given on any personalised stationery. It is the customer's responsibility to check the quality and feel of the stationery, by buying a sample if they prefer not to take the risk of ordering stationery, without seeing an example invitation first.

Supplying wording 

The job will commence once payment has been cleared and we have all your final revision wording that you would like to use on your stationery. 

We highly recommend that you spend as much time finalising your wording before sending it to us as it will save time and costly design edits. We suggest that you show your draft wording to any significant family members before sending it to us, as they may wish to contribute to the overall feel and tone of the wording which can then result in another unnecessary design edit.

Clients are entitled to x 3, free edits after receiving the draft. Any further ammendments will be charged at £25 each.

We don't believe that your wording has to conform to traditional invitation rules, but we'll do our best to point out any areas which might result in confusion or any misunderstood grammar. If you do want to abide by the traditional rules, you may find it helpful to refer to our wording help page.


Most standard orders should take between 3-4 weeks to complete. This can take a little longer if you opt for any custom elements such as a change of colour/design, illustrated venues/maps or if you request more than the standard x3 edits. 

Our timescales are based on the assumption that you will be available to answer emails/calls and approve proofs within 48 hours of receiving them. If you won’t be available at some point during this time, then let us know and we can adjust the timescales to something more realistic.

 We will also endeavour to respond to any emails/calls within 2 working days. We cannot be responsible for any missed deadlines if the customer fails to answer emails and calls within 48 hours.

It is recommended to book in your order well in advance, so that you can be assured of your preferred delivery dates during busy periods. If we are particularly busy, we will let you know at the time of booking, and timescales may have to be adjusted accordingly. Preference will always be given to any pre-booked orders.

For all international orders, timescales will be delayed by a few extra days depending on the destination country's shipping lead times. We can advise you of this at the time of booking.


Make sure your wording is clear, correct and has no spelling mistakes from the outset, and let us know about any special instructions. We will supply your draft designs as electronic pdfs sent via email. We don't supply paper proofs but in exceptional circumstances this can be arranged for £30 per proof and you should expect the process to take a further five working days. We find this is an unnecessary step and instead suggest you buy your preferred design as a sample in order to get an idea of colours and the feel and quality of the card stock we use.

Once you have approved the final electronic version, we will send the designs to be professionally printed and any further changes will most likely be impossible without a reprint. If we do need to reprint any stationery, we will have to charge you for the cost so please do make sure you check and double check the final pdf proof for any stray errors. Any missed spellings are your responsibility, not ours!

We allow up to three edits. Any further drafts after four edits will be charged at £25 each.


As you may be aware, what looks blue on one screen might actually appear blue-green on another, as each computer monitor/screen will adjust colours differently, according to their own calibration. Similarly, our printer will also have their own calibration that might appear slightly different. Therefore, we can't guarantee that the printed product will match the same colours as seen on your screen.

Having said that, we have never had any complaints with colour discrepancies so please don't anticipate that this will be a problem.

Printer Defects

We oversee each completed print job that comes off the press in order to minimise printer errors. In the unlikely event of noticing imperfections, we will arrange a reprint with as speedy a turnaround as possible. Should you see anything you are not happy with, then you must flag the issue within 7 days of receiving your stationery and we’ll endeavour to resolve any issues. You will need to return your package or send photos so we can verify and check the error.

Delivery for packages

We carefully package, insure and despatch your stationery providing tracking information where possible. Please make sure you provide a delivery address where you, or someone you know, will be present to sign for the receipt of the package during work hours 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday. Alternatively, we can arrange to deliver your package on a Saturday or during a specific time slot at an extra cost.

International packages will take a little longer depending on the destination country. 

Delivery for samples

All samples, we will endeavour to dispatch within 48 hours of receiving your order, first class with Royal Mail.

Files & Personal Information

We will keep your personal design files and data on record for up to two years in the event of you needing reprints. After this, we may destroy your files unless you request otherwise.


All house collection designs are the property and copyright of Hollyhock Lane and Julie Annis and may not be used without permission by third parties. If you would like to spread the love and share the designs via the web, then please contact us beforehand and always acknowledge designs back to Hollyhock Lane and this website.

It is unauthorised to use any elements of your chosen design for personal or public use without prior permission from the owner Julie Annis. Imagery must never be resold or reprinted at home or with another printer under any circumstance.

Hollyhock Lane retains the copyright and ownership of all bespoke commissioned designs. We may well decide to use elements of illustration from bespoke work for future designs a year after the wedding has passed.

Social Media

We reserve the right to showcase a particular design which might include your names on the Hollyhock Lane website, instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or elsewhere on the web for promotional reasons, but we won't share any private details such as full postage addresses, full email addresses, full website addresses and passwords. We won't share any invitations including venue details until after the wedding has passed.

Details of our privacy policy can be found here.